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The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. "What!?", you (might) say…Yeah. That’s right.

The fashion industry, as we know it, runs on a fast fashion model, producing huge amounts of clothing at a fast pace to meet consumer demand for trendy styles. This mass production requires a lot of resources like water, energy, and raw materials - all of which contribute to pollution.

The good news? Many people are becoming more aware of the effects of fast fashion and looking towards slower alternatives (like you, here, right now!)

What Lo Wants’ mission is to make quality, fit-focused pieces - “for you, as you are”. You deserve to not only feel good IN the pieces you wear but also ABOUT them. We’re committed to producing our clothes as responsibly as possible - and getting them to you that way too. Here are some ways we strive to be a good example:

Small Batch Magic: We make a limited amount (projecting based on demand) of styles to combat overproduction and possible waste.

Keepin’ it Local: All of our production partners are within a ~10mi radius of our Downtown LA office. This helps to keep our carbon footprint lower.

Quality Over Quantity: We're about creating pieces that last so you can wear them for years to come (yay to saving resources + $$$)

Fabric Focused: We use a combination of natural fibers, deadstock, and better-quality fabrics whenever possible. This not only allows us to deliver the quality you love at an accessible price but also helps us reduce our impact.

Good Old RRR: We use a combination of recycled and compostable mailers, poly bags, cards, and tags. 

What can you do to help us keep this train going?

A Flex We Love: Outfit repeating! Our pieces are meant to be worn again and again and again. That dress you bought for your cousin’s sister’s friend’s wedding? Perfect for brunch, date night, the random happy hour you got dragged to…the list goes on. 

Got Suggestions? Let us know your feedback! Got some notes on how we can do better? Email us at

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