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Lo's Story

​​“Since you were little, every time you picked up a pen," my Nana would say, "there would be a sketch of a dress on whatever surface was in front of you." 

Growing up, despite my love for fashion, the industry had a way of making me feel small because I was bigger. I never understood why “certain designs” came in “certain sizes” - I could never find pieces that felt true to my personal style. I constantly dreamed up designs and reworked pieces that did not fit me - the kitchen scissors were always being retrieved from my room.  

As I entered my college years, it seemed like the fashion industry had become more inclusive; however, I found myself perpetually compromising between quality, proper fit, and trendiness. I could never quite achieve all three simultaneously. At the same time, I also began compromising my career dreams for routes that seemed less “naive”.

After graduation, I found myself working at a tech startup in the fashion resale space.  Although I was building out a community that was meant to provide stylish second-hand clothing for all bodies, I had a hard time finding much beyond fast fashion in my size. I looked everywhere for quality, on-trend brands but I realized just how much of a void there was. 

In 2020, after a layoff and in the midst of a lockdown, I began to share my frustrations with the fashion industry on Instagram — and so many women, of all sizes, shared similar feelings. With a blank page in front of me - quite literally and figuratively, it felt as if I had no choice to revisit my childhood dream. I began to sketch again. I knew nothing about production or design. All I knew is that I wanted to go beyond some notion of “inclusivity” and address what was missing: accessible quality, a great fit, and style that isn’t predetermined by size. Just beautiful pieces - for you, as you are.

Right before my 23rd birthday, I scribbled “What Lo Wants” down on a sketchbook in my room and that was it. Today, as a small team of 4, we're designing, fitting, producing everything locally in downtown Los Angeles. This brand is my answer to fashion - it is my childhood dream and I am so grateful to share it with you. It is truly a labor of love.  

Thank you for supporting What Lo Wants 


Lauren aka “Lo” <3

Style, Beyond Size.

What Lo Wants’ mission is to make quality, fit-focused pieces - “for you, as you are”. Our design process started with our founder, Lauren, being frustrated with the lack of well-fitting, quality pieces that came in her size. Instead of waiting for brands to design contemporary pieces in her size, she decided to do it herself. What Lo Wants is proud to set an example by making fashion driven by style, beyond size. We offer every style we make in our full size range from 0 to 32.

"You not only deserve to feel good IN the clothes you wear but also ABOUT the clothes you wear. What Lo Wants' mission is to make quality pieces that celebrate your body - while respecting the planet."