As a fat girl, I was always made to feel small for being bigger. Growing up, I was constantly trying to fit into brands that never carried my size or wearing dated styles that were made to hide my body.

I always felt especially left out of the fashion world - particularly when it came to quality fashion. I felt like I was stuck in a fashion paradox, where there were pretty much two options for myself as a plus-size consumer: fast fashion or luxury fashion (which often felt very mother-of-the-bride.) There are thousands of niche straight-sized brands, but where were the indie plus-size brands? The average dress size in the US is between a size 16 and 18...so, why was one taking the time to create CUTE, quality, accessible pieces for us?

I was tired of feeling like my style had to come at the expense of the planet or my wallet. I knew so many plus-size babes that felt the same way. Instead of waiting for brands I admired (but couldn't wear) to extend their sizing, I decided to take matters into my own hands - creating a new kind of plus-size brand. I wanted what was missing: a US-manufactured brand that made quality, on-trend pieces and focused heavily on fit. A brand that reflected the sentiment of being plus-size and proud. In September 2021, alongside my community, I launched What Lo Wants - sizes 14-32. This brand is for us, by us.


Plus size babes not only deserve to feel good IN the clothes we wear but also ABOUT the clothes we wear. What Lo Wants' mission is to make quality pieces that celebrate plus-size bodies - not hide them - while respecting the planet and paying the crafters who make them fair, living wages. Visit our Sustainability & Ethics page for more info!