The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. What Lo Wants is proud AF to do things differently - by producing ethically and sustainably in any way we can. We make our pieces in small quantities, use GOTS Certified dyes, and organic, recycled, and natural fabrics. With the world slowly shifting away from mass produced fast fashion and looking towards slow, sustainable fashion, we hope to be an example of how companies can continue to do better. 



Fat babes want nice clothes too. Fat babes care about the earth.

What Lo Wants is committed to producing our clothes as sustainably and ethically as possible - and getting them to you that way too.  

Here is how: 

  • We use compostable mailers - you can even plant these bad boys in your yard! 
  • Small batch production in Downtown Los Angeles: our pieces are made in minimal quantities to avoid overproduction waste and staying local keeps our carbon footprint lower.
  • Natural fiber and recycled fabrics: We utilize fabrics that are organically sourced or recycled. 

What can you do to help us keep this train going? 

  • WEAR YOUR WLW MORE THAN ONCE! Repeating outfits shouldn’t be a crime. Wear it to your bff’s wedding, your sneaky-link’s house, the  grocery store etc.

WLW is committed to having the least harmful impact in clothing that we possibly can. If you have any sustainable suggestions to share, please email to share.



WLW is proud to be a part of 1% for the Planet. This organization helps us donate 1% of our annual revenue to high impact environmental nonprofits of our choice. We’re committed to protecting our environment and our future. Every time you buy WLW, not only do you have great taste in clothing but you’re contributing 1%. 

For the love of mother Earth.



Each WLW piece is made with integrity by our talented sewing team in Downtown Los Angeles - just 25 minutes from my apartment. Our production team is Cintas accredited, meaning we stand for the rights of the talented garment workers we create with.

Designed and made in Los Angeles with love.